Welcome to The Gateway to IIT.

At G2iit we believe, if you fail to plan means you plan to fail. Planning and time management are key to overcome last minute revision stress.
Gateway to IIT coaching reflects its name in true style. We are here to help our students to qualify IIT-JEE Main and Advanced to achieve their dream by giving them an upper edge in this competitive and nerve wrecking world. We are a boutique style education point where we will offer a target driven plan and a result oriented solution as per students capabilities.
Every year several students from UP and Bihar catch train and bus for Kota, Delhi and other big cities for IIT -JEE coaching. The cost of living, mental stress and social pressure are at peak for these students. They go there in hope to get the best quality education but majority of them get disappointed. G2iit is boon for students in Gorakhpur and nearby towns or villages.
We are determined to make learning process fundamentally strong and enjoyable (at every stage) for the students by using innovative and comprehensive methods of teaching.We are looking for young, fresh, dedicated, hardworking, target driven, enthusiastic students, whom we can train and they can shine like diamonds. We will conduct our classes in Hindi and English.


Seema Dixit Tiwari

Ex- Telecom Solution Architect, London (U.K.)

At this crucial phase of life, you are looking for the best for your teenager. Today’s youth are like blank canvas. They have immense amount of potential but often need proper mentors to convert their potential into success in competitive exams.
At G2IIT, we would like to welcome our budding engineers to have a look around and understand our strategy to make them successful.

Small batch size
IIT’an faculty
Digital education
Motivated teachers and students

I am an engineer myself and served the European corporate world in London for 12 years. I know what exactly is required to achieve success in life. I will be delighted to meet you and your teenager to show our gateway to IIT.

Rajiv Tiwari

B.Tech. Electronics Engineering, IIT (BHU) Varanasi

Rajiv is an ex- software architect worked across India and Europe for last 18 years. He is also an author and reviewer of few technical books. His passion for teaching brought him back to India and now he has combined the power of digital education with traditional style to bring out the best for IIT-JEE preparation He has an excellent command in mathematics and his style of teaching is to focus mainly on concepts initially and then gradually accelerate into higher gear of IIT JEE Advanced level. He says “Mathematics is not a subject, it is a skill for life”



Rahul Singh has completed his B. Tech. (Chemical) from IIT Kanpur. His primary and secondary schooling was from UP board, from one of the rural village in Deoria. He has seen the real challenges of a rural life. He is a Physics magnet and says “मेरे पास Physics से डरना मना हैl”. Currently, he is writing a book on Physics JEE Advanced.
He loves painting and wants to open a school in his village.



He is B.Sc. Silver medallist from Delhi University. He has studied till class 8th from Khalilabad, near Gorakhpur but later moved to Delhi. He has also qualified GATE. He was the Joint Secretary in Delhi University. He says "IIT JEE चमकाना है तो Chemistry में नंबर लाना है "

02 Our Key facts

Spoken English

In today’s world, English is not just a language, it a skill too. With a slow, constant and regular effort by our teachers, students English especially from Hindi medium will be worked on to boost up their confidence.

Regular test & Regular PTM

Weekly test will be held to identify the strength and weakness of the batch and help them to achieve better.
Quarterly PTM ( Parent teacher meeting ) will be held to share the student’s performance. We will listen, identify and resolve parents query and concern too.

Digital methodology

We will follow the old school techniques where appropriate but will also blend smart classes using three-dimensional visual diagrams and videos for better understanding. We will enable all classrooms and test centre with high speed broadband (w-fi) and projector.

Concept driven study

Our initial focus will be on concept only. As we truly believe a weak base is unable to support a tall building. Similarly weak concepts and blindly cramming all formulas will lead you to nowhere.

Regular Motivational classes

When a child crawl , we encourage them to walk and all of us seen that do work and that kid within few months starts walking and then running. Same encouragement is required in all phases of life. Motivational class have tremendous success in western world of education. We would like to bring it to the east.

Communication and presentation Skill

Our moto is to make our students wiser and smart. We would like them to be a leader wherever they go in future. Our occasional C&P skill will add another feather in their winning cap.