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    Offline Target batch starts from 19th Oct 2020. Call 8433377770 , 8433377772 for detail. Venue: Gateway to IIT,

    Offline Foundation batch starts from 20th Oct. Call 8433377770 , 8433377772 for detail. Last 10 seats available

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#1 IIT - JEE Digital Coaching in Gorakhpur.

At G2iit we believe, if you fail to plan means you plan to fail. Planning and time management are key to overcome last minute revision stress. Gateway to IIT coaching reflects its name in true style. We are here to help our students to qualify IIT-JEE Main and Advanced to achieve their dream by giving them an upper edge in this competitive and nerve wrecking world. We are a boutique style education point where we will offer a target driven plan and a result oriented solution as per students capabilities. Every year several students from UP and Bihar catch train and bus for Kota, Delhi and other big cities for IIT -JEE coaching or big brand names. The cost of living, mental stress and social pressure are at peak for these students. They go there in hope to get the best quality education but majority of them get disappointed due to large number of students and lack of care from coaching institutes. G2iit is boon for students in Gorakhpur and nearby towns or villages...

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Come and meet us to know our unique academy better and we promise that we will offer you a tailormade educational program to achieve your goals. Jai Hind.

Smaller Batch Size

We believe that our students need special care and attention in order to be a strong tree. Small batch size will help us to understand them better and give us time to help them in customised way.

IIT Faculty

Only a lion can teach a cub to be a lion. Same applies with IIT-JEE preparation. An IIT faculty will not just teach, they will guide, show them tricks and tell them their own success story

Computer Lab

We have a WIFI-enabled computer lab. JEE and most of the exams are now online. All major tests for JEE Advanced and Main are conducted in online mode only and results are discussed next day with parents and students. The video of most classes are recorded automatically and available for viewing later. If students have missed out classes due to emergency situation, they will be allowed to view recorded classroom lectures .


  • When a child crawl, we encourage them to walk and all of us seen that do work and that kid within few months starts walking and then running. Same encouragement is required in all phases of life.
  • We conduct debates on use of mobile phone, making good friends, etc. for pre-foundation and foundation batches.
  • Other fun activities like picnic, festival celebrations, etc.

    With time, style of education must change. In the last 20 years, black board became white board and now white board is changing to smart board.

    Our all classes are equipped with projector and we conduct all classes in digital mode e.g. difficult concepts are explained using visual diagrams and videos.
    Like, we will show you using video how conic section results in parabola, ellipse, etc. and how 3 planes intersect and become a line or point.


    g2iit Teaching Methodology


    We will coach you in increasing order of complexity – so everyone achieves success depending on their best of potential. For example – If we cover a topic “Mathematics: Vector” we will have

    • L1:lectures to cover basic concepts of vector e.g. definition, diagram, visual feeling of length and direction, etc.
    • L2:lectures to cover board level subjective questions e.g. finding dot product and cross product of vectors including steps required for board exams.
    • L3:lectures to cover JEE Mains level objective questions – including vector triple products.
    • L4:lectures to cover JEE Advanced type questions – reciprocal system of vectors including mixed questions of vector and other topics.

    So, if a student is unable to grasp L4 at least he has learnt all the basic concepts and will be able to clear JEE Mains, BITSAT and UPTU level exams with decent ranks. Using this methodology, no student will be disadvantaged.


    g2iit Testimonials

    • Gateway to IIT is the best coaching institute for IIT JEE in Gorakhpur. If you’re serious about your carrier, you can’t afford to miss this! I would highly recommend this institute. Thank you so much
      Ayush Singh Student
    • Best coaching for IIT JEE preparation. Small batches is the best part of this institute.
      Shubham Jeet Student
    • This institution has a very good Infrastructure and the teachers are very friendly. Rajiv sir is well experienced.
      Piyush Tiwari- Student
    • The only IIT -JEE Coaching Institute in gorakhpur With Online test facility and Smart Classroom. The Concepts are explained in depth.
      Aryan Shukla - Student